Middle East Technical University Physical Education was established in 1982. Currently department offers Master of Science and Philosophy of Doctorate degrees in physical education and sport sciences. Exercise Physiology, Learning and Teaching in Physical Education and Sports (motor learning, curriculum and instruction), Sports Management and Sports Psychology are the specialization areas of the faculty.  Department also offers elective courses to the students of other departments to broaden their knowledge and understanding of sports sciences in general.


With the pioneering role of Necmettin Erkan in 1976 Physical Education Sports and Recreation Department was established in February 8th in 1979 under the body of Presidency of Middle East Technical University. A new setting was implemented after the publishing Higher Education Law with the item 2547. According to the new setting in October 26th in 1982 with decision number 82-423 of Higher Education Council, the sentence of “recreation” were omitted and the “Physical Education and Sports” Department were accepted as a name of department under Education Faculty.  With the new condition missions and the programs were updated by the professionals to keep the functions.


First undergraduates were accepted in 1983-1984 education period. First year, the quota was 10 (6 male 4 female). Contrary to the Department decision, Higher Education Council was increased the quota continuously up to 40 and up to 70 during 1992-1993 education periods. Later on, degreasing in number of staffs was course an imbalance of student-staff number, the department stopped undergraduate program in November the 4th in 1997 with the decision of University Chamber in 1998-1999 education periods,


Graduate Program was started 1979 under the roof of Physical Education Sports and Recreation Department. In the area of Exercise Physiology, Sports psychology, and Recreation, the department was giving elective courses for graduate’s student. The graduate program has still been continuing with contemporary developments.


The studies for setting up a PhD program were started in 1992. But this was realized in 2003. Doctorate program have been accepted students with the “Program of ÖYP” and under the scope of “Item 35” to educate research assistants for other universities. Graduates programs which have electives and must courses have been working interdisciplinary. Students could take courses both in different department s in METU and from other universities. The graduate program helped to change the profile of the students. Students who graduate from different department and areas can get the degree of Ms and PhD under the area of Sports. Department have 16 students in Master of Science and 32 students in Philosophy of Doctorate at the moment.


The department placed in different parts of the university such as in Laboratory of High Voltage of Electric and Electronic Department, Barrack Sports Hall and Swimming Pool between 1979-1994 years. Staffs were moved their final place in the fourth floor of Education Faculty in 1994. In the base floor of Faculty of Education, the department has laboratories and classes. Sports Facilities in the campus have been using for practical courses.


The department could take over many sports congress and conferences both in the past and in the future. ESCS 2010 is the biggest one which will be held 23-26 June 2010 in Antalya. World Football and Science Congress is another important congress which was held in 2007 by collaboration with Ankara University.


 On the other hand METU PES Department had done performance tests for student selection to sports departments of some universities.  Department have warm climate and competitive environment in fair-play rules. Every research assistant shares their room with a roommate and staffs have one room each.


There are various sports and recreation facilities for the uses of department. Students and personnel can choose activities from a wide array of challenges according to their physical condition. Active sportsmen/women or students, who wish to enhance their capabilities at sports branches, can engage in physical exercise with the guidance of an advisor or under the supervision of a trainer.


The gyms are open to students and student groups all throughout the year between 9.00 -22.00. There are daily field/court schedules for sports such as tennis and football. Sports Center is available for all students between 07:30-16:30 at weekdays and between 14:30-21:00 at the weekend.