Mission and Vision


Middle East Technical University Physical Education was established in 1982. Currently department offers Master of Science and Philosophy of Doctorate degrees in physical education and sport. Exercise physiology,   learning and teaching in physical education and sports (motor learning, exercise and sport pedagogy), sports management and sports psychology are the specialization areas of the faculty.




METU Physical Education and Sports (PES) Department aims at total education through the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of people in order to bring up healthier, happier, and more successful people to the public. The Department mainly functions in education, teaching, research and public service areas.




METU In a period of five years, METU Physical Education and Sports (PES) Department will broaden, enhance, and develop its teaching, education, search, and service activities which are now proper and equal to norms and standards of European Union universities. In this respect, PES department will have qualified academic staff members and students both of whom will be capable of using the advanced educational technology. Thus, the department will be an outstanding institution in providing academic staff members for other universities’ physical education and sports departments. At the same time, the continuing educational programs’, which are exercise physiology, training, sport management, motor learning, teaching and program developing, search and thesis topics will be organized according to Turkey’s existing problems and necessities. Then, the department will produce academic solutions to those problems and necessities so as to serve the produced information in favor of the people of Turkey. Besides, PES department will more effectively use its expert human potential as an efficient source via educational seminars, certificate and in-service educational programs, and internet based distance education. By all means of this potential, the department will collaborate with the national institutions like Youth and Sport General Administration, National Olympic Committee, sport clubs, and sport federations so as to prepare Turkey to host big and international organizations. In this respect, necessary projects will be produced and personal, information and service support will be supplied by the PES department in the execution of those projects.